Thursday, June 08, 2006

A handy little drag-and-drop website that allows you to plan a room to your specifications

I think the word I need to use is, 'Wow!!!' has a page that allows you to plan a room -- any room -- online. You get full drag-and-drop action, with all the furniture, windows, doors, knicknacks you need. Whatever you can visualise for your space... you can create it.

It's like one of those expensive CAD packages that architects use. Except it's free and fun. You can prepare multiple rooms, and you can print everything. Only thing lacking is the ability to save your design. But hey... it IS free and easy.

It took me three minutes to kit out my fantasy loft apartment in New York. (It's simple with me... a bed, a surface to put my tablet pc onto, and 14 bookshelves, crammed to the gills with books.)

I was alerted to this story by LifeHacker.

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