Friday, June 16, 2006

From Podcasting News -- Jeepers Creepers: Video Display Peepers by jlewin

ezGear, a manufacturer of portable audio accessories, has introduced ezVision Video iWear, portable video display glasses for video iPods and video gaming systems.


The eyewear is designed to connect to any VCR, DVD player or
portable video player and provide personal audio and visual playback.


  • Wide Screen View – according to the company, ezVision video
    glasses simulate a 50 inch wide screen view at an 8.5 foot distance.
  • Light Weight – Weighing in at a mere 68 grams, the ezVision can be taken anywhere.
  • Privacy
    and Courtesy - The ezVision is easy to connect to any VCR, DVD player,
    cable or satellite box, or portable video player. Using the ezVision,
    you can enjoy them with out bothering others.
  • Built in Stereo
    Audio – The ezVision also includes high quality audio earphones giving
    the ezVision the complete multi-media experience.
  • Eight (8) hour Battery Life – According to ezGear, you can watch movies, music videos, or TV shows for up to 8 hours.
  • iPod Ready – The ezVision comes with a iPod interconnect cable so you can connect your iPod Video to the unit.
  • Video Gaming – You can use the ezVision with the Xbox, NES, or Sony systems.
  • Privacy
    – The ezVision offers great privacy. Whether it is on a plane, at home,
    in your college dorm, or the soldier’s barracks, you can watch
    anything, anytime in complete privacy. The ezVision is also great for
    watching outdoors. The private screen is free from glare from sunlight,
    making it easy to see the screen day or night.
  • DVD Players –
    Using the ezVision RCA cable, the ezVision can also be used with any
    DVD player. Great for long trips, flights, or for your kids in the back
    of your car.

The ezVision Video iWear retails for $399.98.

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