Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another iBurst Plan....

If thier last idea with the dashboard was a little hocky, the this one actually makes sense!!!

Wireless broadband provider iBurst is the first South African broadband operator to implement Additional Data Carry Over (ADCO). This enables customers to carry over the unused portions of their monthly data top-up bundles to the following month.

ADCO is available immediately meaning all unused additional data bought in June 2006 will be carried over until the end of July.

"We're listening to our customers to determine how to provide a better deal for them and South African broadband customers in general," said Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.

ADCO does not apply to the data included as standard in iBurst packages, but rather to any additional data bundles purchased as data top ups.

iBurst sells additional data in bundles from 512 megabytes to 3 gigabytes costing between 11c and 27c per megabyte, depending on the bundle and volume purchased.

"That a company only 15 months old is the first to implement what should've been obvious to any broadband provider interested in providing a fair deal to customers speaks volumes," said Mr Mtshali.

Data can only be carried over to the month following that in which it was bought.

iBurst provides high-speed wireless broadband Internet access so reliable that many of its subscribers have been connected continuously for over six months without a single disconnection.

For further information regarding iBurst and its range of value-added services, the company's call centre can be reached 24 hours a day either via telephone (0860 IBURST or 0860 927 4357) or email (

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