Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Engadget -- Robots on guard duty at World Cup

By Donald Melanson

It seems that not all of our robot friends are lucky enough to be able to kick back and play a bit of soccer of their own
in Germany this month. No, some are stuck with the lowly task of
protecting us humans, with eleven Linux-based robots from Robowatch
Technologies providing both indoor and outdoor surveillance at Berlin's
Olympic Stadium every night until the final World Cup game on July 9th.
The outdoor robots, known as ORFO, use GPS to patrol an area up to two
kilometers away from the control center and pack thermal cameras able
to detect intruders by their body heat. Alas, it appears they are
unarmed -- which is probably for the best, you know, in the grand
scheme of things. The indoor robots, dubbed MORSO, are deployed
throughout the stadium, equipped with video cameras, radar sensors,
temperature gauges, and infrared scanners able to detect movement or
any changes to the stadium. The robots also use 3G technology to
communicate with the control center and, presumably, to watch some TV
on their breaks. Here's the full story.

We scored this piece verbatim from Engadget.

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