Thursday, January 12, 2006

Project Firefly

I have, one again, been invited to judge the entries into Microsoft's Project Firefly.
The amazing thing is the "again" part of that sentence. Last year I had a ball looking at the projects created by some of South Africa's most brilliant young minds. I am sure that a couple of them will go on to become great software creators. I just hope that there isn't just one project in thier heads and that they can go on to create great ideas all the time.

I have put up some pictures from last year's event on my "Behind the Scenes" page, so take a look.

Judging last year was tough. I had some very experienced Microsoft Project Managers on the panel with me and I was the "can every one understand the project" guy. This year I have done a little more homework, so we see what I can add.

I will be bringing news from Durban during the event, so stay close. The date for the event is early February.

Project Firefly is the Microsoft's endeavor to bridging the gap between academia and industry in South Africa.

It attempts through its community efforts to bring different students from different academic institutions together into a single community, while through its partnerships with the South African Developer's Usergroup (SA Developer) and the South African Architect's Usergroup (SA Architect) also exposing them to recognised industry communities.

The ultimate goal is to help students to realise their potential, and to encourage them to take that potential and make it truly shine.

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