Wednesday, January 11, 2006

From GIZMODO: The rCard: Fully Interactive Business Card

This post comes from GIZMODO:

rc2.jpg Before you wonder what the heck we're doing posting about business cards, let me tell you that the rCard is no ordinary business card. The rCard is a card that plays video and comes with a 1.875" x 1.875" full color flat screen, speakers, a navigational button, 1 gig of memory, and a USB port. The battery on it is as thin as a postage stamp and lasts about 4 hours of continuous use, but there's a rechargeable battery option, and you can power it off and on. The whole thing only measures 2" x 3" and weighs a measly 2 ounces.

As a video business card, you could use it to show off your company's latest goods or services via streaming video/audio, or by loading product demos straight on it through a USB cable. The card can also be password-protected and can be set to release time-sensitive data, which could prove useful for special trade show announcements.

But the potential uses of this lie far beyond that of a video business card. Enterprising users could hack it for use as a portable gaming device, or perhaps slip in a few TV shows for light viewing on the train. And at $25 each, you could probably afford 3 or 4 of them. They're only available for companies now, but we're sure they'll get into the hands of regular consumers soon enough.

rCard [CardTek via Gizmag]

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