Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Logitech’s G15 gaming keyboard

Pinnacle Micro, has announced the availability of the Logitech G15 keyboard – the ultimate keyboard for serious PC gamers.

The first keyboard in the G-series family of gaming-grade peripherals, the Logitech G15 features a built-in auxiliary LCD display, 18 programmable keys, and advanced software, making it easy to set up custom commands for every game. The adjustable-tilt, backlit LCD can be programmed to display vital in-game information, or data from other applications, without interrupting game play.

The G15 keyboard offers gamers unmatched levels of programmability, giving them a tactical edge in their quest to dominate. Also, the built-in LCD display provides game developers with a whole new way to display critical game information without distracting from the game itself.

“Out of the box, the LCD panel can be programmed to show information from other applications, such as incoming email alerts, CPU speed, or even media player information, without interfering with the game on screen,” says Nicky Dockerill, Logitech brand manager at Pinnacle.

“A software development kit (SDK) will be included on the installation CD, allowing gamers to write their own programs for customised information to be displayed on the LCD screen. When not in use, the LCD panel folds down to protect the screen and offers maximum portability – perfect for transporting to a gaming session at a friend’s house.”

The LCD and Logitech’s gaming keyboard software also help make it easy for gamers to set up custom macro commands, which combine multiple keystrokes into one button press without leaving the game. On the left side of the Logitech G15 keyboard, gamers will find 18 fully programmable keys, called the G keys, and three mode keys: M1, M2, and M3.

Within each mode, each G key can be programmed to represent a different keystroke or macro, meaning a total of 54 different commands that can be customised. This means players can program the G keys to bring up their favourite weapons in Half-Life 2, shortcut team communications in Counter-Strike, or arrange spells more efficiently in World of Warcraft. Different combinations of keys can be programmed for every game and the G15 will default to these game-specific settings when the title is launched.

The Logitech G15 keyboard also features backlit keys – when backlighting is turned on, a light from underneath the key illuminates the character on top of the key, providing easy viewing in any lighting condition – including late-night gaming marathons.

The keyboard has two full-speed USB ports built in, making it easy to plug in a mouse, a headset or another peripheral, without filling up all the ports on the PC. It also features a gaming mode switch, which, when turned on, disables the Windows key so gamers won’t get dropped out of a game if they accidentally press it.

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