Thursday, January 26, 2006

Maxtor Backs Digital Life

It can be a person’s worst nightmare. You have just come back from holiday and are uploading your holiday pictures, when your PC crashes! Gone are the holiday snapshots, your MP3 collection, the home video of little Jimmy’s first birthday and everything else you ever wanted to access on your PC. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about a backup solution until it’s too late.

Maxtor has taken the hassle out of backup and introduced the OneTouch III range of intuitive backup solutions that will give your readers peace of mind that their digital memories are safe and secure whether on a laptop, desktop, home network or small business server.

With the touch of a button or at predetermined automatic intervals, the Maxtor OneTouch III backs up virtually everything on your system’s local disk drives, including all Microsoft Outlook emails, address books, Internet favourites, My Documents folder, operating system, applications and more. Once installed, the Maxtor OneTouch III drive runs quietly and automatically.

With capacities ranging from 100GB to a massive one terabyte (1,000 GB) of storage, Maxtor will ensure that there is a OneTouch III drive that matches your lifestyle.

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