Monday, February 11, 2008


From the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ZYB announced the ZYB Social Phonebook, a first-of-kind service which changes the way people use the mobile phone address book from what is currently a very static to a more interactive and live experience. The ZYB Social Phonebook will be demonstrated for the first time to the industry at the Mobile World Congress.

ZYB’s research suggests we keep the contact information on the people most important to us – our closest friends, family and close business colleagues – on our mobile phones. The ZYB Social Phonebook provides new and unique ways of staying in touch with the people you really care about. This includes enabling users to see availability information on a contact they are about to call – so they may hold off on that late night call to avoid waking the other person up. And for those users who want to stay in even closer touch with their friends, they will be able to receive aggregated activity streams from other online services as well as getting direct access to their profiles on these services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LastFM). ZYB’s market leading online backup and management service for mobile content will continue to be part of this offering.

Runar Reistrup, Product Director at ZYB, explained, “When you want to call someone, the normal mobile experience is that you do so with limited information on the person you are calling. The ZYB Social Phonebook will provide you with live, updated information on the availability and recent activity of the person you are about to call or text – which will ultimately change the way you use your mobile phone.”

Tommy Ahlers, CEO at ZYB, said, “Take the Mobile World Congress as an example - you’ll undoubtedly meet someone for the first time who will give you their mobile number. When you save the number into the ZYB Social Phonebook you will instantly get their complete contact details, updated thumbnail picture and links to their different online social networks downloaded to your mobile address book. A year later you may like to get back in touch with them but perhaps their contact details have changed. The ZYB Social Phonebook ensures you always have their up to date contacts details on your mobile.”

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