Tuesday, February 05, 2008


iBurst has launched a new ExpressCard modem after its Japanese technology partner Kyocera Corporation developed the device for use in new generation laptops featuring ExpressCard Slots instead of PCMCIA slots.

“Much of iBurst’s success has been due to the excellent relationships we enjoy with our shareholders, subscribers and suppliers. It’s pretty impressive when a massive global organization like Kyocera develops hardware because we asked them to,” said Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.

The iBurst Express Slot modem is available to all iBurst subscribers at R1820 (Incl. VAT) as an outright purchase or included on one of the many 24-month contract options. “The declining popularity of the PCMCIA modem and the desire amongst subscribers for an alternative to the USB modem will ensure the success of the ExpressCard device,” added Mr Mtshali.

ArrayComm, the world leader in smart antenna technologies, is the developer and patent holder of the iBurst broadband wireless system sold globally by licensees while Kyocera Corporation is the hardware manufacturer.

The current iBurst Express Modem, available in the 54mm variation of the ExpressCard standard, is also shipped with a mobile antenna. to provide a better internet experience for subscribers.

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