Monday, February 11, 2008

OnSurf brings cutting edge mobile advertising technology to mobile video

Surf Communication Solutions today announced OnSurf, a totally new multimedia platform for adding rich media mobile advertising into streaming video. OnSurf incorporates a number of unique capabilities, such as real-time adaptation of content to allow for individually targeted advertising--including interactivity options for on-the-spot user response--to thousands of concurrent users across different types of mobile handset. With OnSurf, mobile operators finally have the ability to significantly increase the revenue opportunities from mobile advertising by enabling high value, targeted content.

OnSurf uses real-time transcoding of both advertising and video content to allow instant, on-the-fly insertion of targeted advertising into multiple simultaneous content streams. Whereas existing mobile advertising needs to be inserted into video content and formatted for the mobile screen in advance, OnSurf handles all this dynamically in real-time. OnSurf enables banner and video ad overlays, interactivity, text on video, pre-roll and post-roll insertion and, in an industry first, mid-stream advertising. These features are all enabled by OnSurf’s comprehensive video toolbox, which allows advertising to be added to any video stream quickly and easily.

OnSurf also enables the real-time collection of ad metrics by tracking user response to provide measurable results to specific campaigns. By harnessing the power of the OnSurf solution, any mobile operator offering streaming content can enjoy additional revenue streams quickly and cost effectively by delivering targeted, interactive advertising to thousands of viewers simultaneously.

“For Surf, mobile advertising was the next logical step to evolve our technology, which already helps many of the world’s leading mobile operators to deliver high quality, compelling video services,” said Eyal Zagagi, CEO, Surf Communication Solutions. “With OnSurf, we are able to deliver an optimal user experience, while giving operators an array of tools to maximise revenues from multimedia services - in effect, delivering the best of both worlds.”

As an existing leading vendor of content processing solutions for multimedia telecom applications, Surf has leveraged its considerable market expertise to create the OnSurf platform. OnSurf’s core technologies provide mobile operators and value-added service providers (VASP) with a fully interoperable mobile advertisement delivery platform for distribution of rich content to mobile phones in a way which overcomes the current technological and commercial challenges that are preventing these services from fulfilling their potential.

Surf’s expertise in embedded DSP computing has led to the development of a scaleable, cost-effective, high density solution in an extremely compact system. In addition, OnSurf leverages advanced technologies, such as HSDPA, and handles the entire range of advanced video codecs to deliver a high quality rich media experience to the widest possible range of mobile devices.

OnSurf is Surf’s first integrated, single-box solution for mobile operators. Surf currently has plans to expand the OnSurf range with solutions targeted to a number of different rich media applications.

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