Tuesday, February 05, 2008

DS Lite in South Africa

The same guys that brought us the Wii have decided that it is now time for South Africa to get the DS Lite. The DS Lite, they say, is the best selling prtable gaming device on the planet. I have managed to play a couple of games on the DS Lite and I have no idea why. It is uncomfortable to hold, difficult to control and the games are aimed at children.

I must admit here that I am massive PSP fan and the PSP Lite is a wonderful device.

The DS Lite has a couple of screens, one on top and the one underneath and the bottom screen is touch sensitive with the included stylus. The top screen does not seem to be touch sensitive with the included stylus or your finger.

One of the selling points when the DS Lite was launched was the abillity to communicate with other DS lite players as well as a Wi-Fi gamining so that one can join gamers from around the world. Can you say, Optional Extra? Surely in the wireless world in which we live, Wi-Fi is not optional extra?

The games are limited but the advantage with a late release is that only the good games will hit the South African shores, so they say. More about those and the DS Lite in further posts.

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