Monday, February 11, 2008

LG Launch Three New Devices


LG’s target of selling 100 million mobile devices in 2008 is looking strong as the Korean appliance giant released three new phones in Barcelona this afternoon. The three phones are extending the depth of market that LG are planning on making, not only in South Africa but across the globe.

The phones that were released today all feature cutting edge touch-screen technology and all the latest additional technologies that is expected of a modern mobile device; technologies that will not be redundant in a year but will last you well into your two year contract. Add in the good looking nature of the LG handsets and I think you have a winning recipe.

Each phone has its own individual character from the elegance of the LG-KF700 to the stylish LG-KF510. LG seems to be making a major move towards not just making great mobile phones but aiming those phones at certain individuals. As we move more into wanting to customizing our lives, LG have seen this and are creating phones that are not just pretty to look at but are adding graphics and setups on the devices to help you add your own sense of style to them.

The touch screens on the new LG devices are something to behold. Says Dr Skott Ahn, “The mobile phones are smartly touchable and more useable.”

LG are using the touch screen technology to not just be touchy but to help the user take advantage of all of the features of the phone. In a recent survey done by the company, they found that only 20% of the market use the camera more that once a week. The rest of the functions on the phone, from MMS to Web browsing came in a weak last. Adding in the touch technology as well as the intelligently changing screen, the new devices make accessing the features a very simple and easy thing to do.

Dr Ahn went as far as predicting that ½ of the mobile phones in the world will be touch in the “next few years.” How many is a few is something of a mystery but I cannot wait to find out.

One of the major features of the LG-KF600 is that the screen changes very much from one feature to another. When it is in MP3 mode, then the screen looks like an MP3 player but switch it over to the camera mode and it looks like a camera with all of the camera features available with no fuss.

The phone also comes with eight separate “dynamic graphic interfaces” for the personalization of your device.

When will you be able to get your hands on the phone? Soon, very soon.

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