Friday, January 25, 2008

C'mon now, it's not a good laptop!

I cannot believe that I am writing about the Air so much, but the web is going on about it so much, that I seem to not be able to help myself.

The MacBook Air may be one of the thinnest laptops ever made, but Apple had to make some sacrifices to shed all that poundage. Did the company go too far? Some reviewers on the Web think so. Of course, a lot of the criticism centers around the stunted functionality the Air suffers because of its excised features — such as the lack of an optical drive and Ethernet port.

But that's not all the reviewers nitpicked. The Air has issues that go beyond its jettisoned components — the single USB port took some heat, for example, and not for the reason you'd expect. Click Continue for five downsides of the MacBook Air that have come to light since its big debut.

Read more from one of my favourite sites, DVICE!

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