Monday, January 28, 2008

Amazon MP3 to go global

Suits at the web giant say their iTunes rival will head out across the planet 'this year'.

Amazon has confirmed that its download service, Amazon MP3, will be rolling out across the globe in 2008.

However, the web retail giant has not given any specific dates about when the service will be available beyond the US, just saying that it'll happen 'this year'.

Amazon's store has been much vaunted thanks to its DRM-free policy, with iTunes and other major players forced to follow suit and offer tracks minus copy protection.

Amazon's real coup de grace is the fact you can play songs from its 3 million plus library on virtually any MP3 player. Not just your iPod and the odd machine Apple deem worthy of their affection.

Whether prices will directly translate from the 99 cents a track in the States remains to be seen. And with EU licensing bound to have some effect on the launch date, don't expect to be downloading Stevie Nick's greatest hits anytime soon. We're saying at least the last quarter of the year.

Still, it's always good to see a major player keeping Apple on their toes. Keep it here for any more news as we get it.

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