Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PlayStation 2 Beats PlayStation 3 Sales in Japan

The Sony PlayStation 2 sold 20,995 units while the PlayStation 3 sold 19,996 units from Jan. 22 to 28, according to numbers from Media Create. This marks the first time that the PS2 outsold the PS3, though the PS3 has only been available for a couple of months.

The digital entertainment analyst uses the sales data from 3,000 stores to estimate nationwide sales of all Japanese retailers. Sony plans on shipping more than 6 million PlayStation 3 game consoles worldwide before April.

The PlayStation 2 offers a lower price tag, more variety in video games, and higher availability to consumers, which contributed why it was able to sell more units than the PS3. The Nintendo Wii sold 83,000 units in the same time frame -- the Microsoft Xbox 360 sold 7,365 models. Analysts still believe the PS3's superior technology over its competitors will make it the viable console in the long-run.

Reports claim Sony's games divison could see losses as high as $2.57 billion USD for its fiscal year, which ends in March.

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