Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Motofone F3

How much can you take out of a phone to make it cheap yet still be used by the "cool" people?

The Motorola Motofone F3 hs gone the opposite of all cell phone companies and created a pretty phone, thin and light, that is difficult to use!

As you can see, it's thin, very thin. But as you can see, no colour screen and no camera. It wasn't too long ago that people were asking why a camera was in a cell phone. These days, people NEED that camera. I know people who don't own a stand-alone camera and use just thier cell-phone camera. In an attempt to create a cheap phone, Motorola have dropped the camera.

The phone comes in a pretty tin-type-container. Massive manual which you HAVE to read. Unlike modern phones, you can't just pick it up and useit. There is no menu, but a left/right key to chose highlighted icons. You havr to know what these icons mean t be able to select them. They just didn't make sense to me.

No MMS, no E-mail, no MP3. All the things I expect from a modern phone. Remember, it is thin.

The spec sheet from the Motorola site lists the things it can do, like Voice Prompts. Now that is cool. The phone tells you what to do. Good when you are alone, not so good when at work or in a noisy area where you can't hear it.....

Otherwise not much to say except I used it for one evening and HAD to change it. I am not the target market for this one.

You can buy one from Bid-or-Buy for R459 but the price is R549. Cheap, very cheap.

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