Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vodacom Brings Mobile TV to its customers

Vodacom, South Africa’s leading cellular network, today announced the launch of the first mobile Television (TV) entertainment service on cellphones, to customers in South Africa. From 1 December 2005, all Vodacom customers who have Vodafone live! 3G cellphones will be able to watch ‘live’ television on these cellphones.

New forms of content are increasingly making their way onto cellphones – music, in particular, is already booming – and the latest buzz is about television. Many industry watchers believe the handset will turn into the third TV screen in our lives, behind the home TV and the Personal Computer.

“Mobile TV is widely seen as an attractive service for customers. Vodacom is proving yet again to be at the forefront of advanced mobile technology, setting the trends for content on cellphones in South Africa,” says Pieter Uys, Vodacom’s Chief Operating Officer.

Says Uys, "This is really an entertainment service with mass appeal. There will be many millions of mobile TV viewers worldwide by 2010. Imagine being able to watch your favourite sports team winning their game, while waiting at a bus stop. That is the reality of mobile TV and this service is available to all our Vodafone live! customers with 3G cell phones.”

“The continuous roll-out of Vodacom’s 3G network and increased stability of this network provides Vodacom customers who wish to watch TV on their cellphones with a vastly enhanced communication experience,” Uys continues.

A great choice of TV channels will be available to Vodafone live! 3G customers, including channels such as, E! Entertainment, Fashion TV, Yebo 1, Speedy, Telly Track, Chilli TV, BBC, and Yebo Millionaires. ‘Mobi-soaps’, the mobile cellphone version of TV soaps will include Conspiracy 24, Love & Hate, and Sunset Hotel. Additional popular TV channels including Sky News, HBO, Fox and two MTV channels will be made available soon.

“With Vodafone live! Vodacom is forging new frontiers in the provision of popular entertainment content services and Vodacom’s customers will be at the forefront of this experience,” concludes Uys.

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