Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Need For Speed, Most Wanted

I was one of the 1st in queue back in the 90's when Need for Speed was released. I love driving games and I enjoy speed.

Yesterday I installed NFS, Most Wanted on my beast of a Pentium 4 with all the bells and whistles and yet I still cannot run the game in high res. mode. What is it with game creators that the new games don't work on new PC's?

As for game play, it's seems to be just another "drive as fast as you can to beat someone and take their car" type game. Since Grand Tourismo 4, there doesn't seem to be another driving game that comes close. I am also a little spoilt that playing on a PS2 seems easier, faster and more fun than on my PC. Using the keyboard to drive a car is not fun at all. I have the chair and all the controls to drive on my PS2 and I am not going out to buy another set for my PC.

There are a couple of interesting additions to NFS, MW that I enjoyed at the get-go. The creators have used real actors instead of computer models. OK, the actors aren't brilliant, but it does look better than one of those characters whose mouth doesn't move correctly.

Game plan fall nicely into the story line of the game but one of the promises of the game box is that you can custom your car to suite your driving. I am raced 3 times and have yet to have the oppertunity to do so. How long must I wait?

OK, I admit, the review is a little premature, I will give it another week and let you know what it's like a little more.

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