Tuesday, December 27, 2005

8 Cool Firefox Plugins You Never Knew Existed

  1. Stopwatch - This simple little extension gives you a neat stopwatch. That’s it. A stopwatch. It’s simple,easy, and it works.
  2. Search Status - This is one of my favorite extensions. It sits in at the bottom of Firefox and gives you access to a lot of pertinent information about the website you’re on. Both google and alexa pagerank status is included by default. If you right click on the "q" you can see backward links, whois info, and other information.
  3. Select Search - This is an improvement on the default right click and search option that comes default with Firefox. With this plugin you can right click and choose to search a TON of different sites including yahoo, google, google images, ebay, amazon, etc. You get the picture. It’s neat and it works.
  4. Aardvark - This is an extension designed specifically for web developers. When you right click on a page and "start aardvark" it separates divs, tables, and other elements with a red border. This allows you to visually see the different elements of the web page and put something visual to the code you’re working with.
  5. Tinyurl Creator - Ever have a website with an insanely long and convoluted url that you wanted to easily turn into a tiny url? Well, that’s what I thought. With a simple right click, this extension contacts the tinyurl website and copies the new url into your clipboard. Neat, huh?
  6. Secure Password Generator - With the billions and billions of hackers out there right now trying to get your super secret hot chick getting info, it’s probably best to create and keep secure passwords. This plugin does it.
  7. img tag - Yes hotlinking is stealing, but this extension makes it so easy it’s fun. It’s not stealing if it’s your website and your images, so let’s have at it. Right click on any image click "make image tag" and it’ll make an html image tag and copy it to your clipboard for you.
  8. Advanced History Manager - This is probably one of the more popular extensions I’ve included on this list. The Advanced History Manager does a much better job than the default one that comes with Firefox. It’s cool. Trust me.

Note from Roy: I've copied this post from the Crazy 8 Opinions site, word for word, but without the links. You'll need to go to the article itself for those. They exist because of their advertising links, as far as I can tell. So to copy the links here would have been terribly rude of me. I have no idea who wrote the list. But there are certainly some useful things on it.

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