Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Internet via TV now a reality in SA

Internet via television is now a reality in South Africa thanks to foremost online publisher, Media24 Digital, which has made two of its best performing web properties namely FIN24.com and News24.com, available on the DSTV platform. This South African first forms part of the company’s media meshing strategy that capitalises on the evolution in local media consumption.

Says Russell Hanly, chief executive officer of Media24 Digital about the partnership with DSTV, “The strategy centres on the ways in which the Internet can be used in conjunction with other forms of media for a richer end-user experience. More importantly perhaps, it heralds a shift in how the Internet is viewed by media owners. No longer are print, broadcast and the web vying for audience time, we’re now leveraging the Internet to maximize their engagement across media genres. This partnership with DSTV proves that media integration can and is taking place.”

News24 and FIN24’s breaking and financial news content is updated on DSTV channel 59 and 60 dynamically meaning that DSTV subscribers no longer need to wait for news bulletins or even log-on to the Internet to obtain updates or further information. Users are invited to navigate the extensive content offerings, spanning top stories, deeper news sections, and full text articles, with their DSTV remote controls.

Adds Nic van den Bergh, business manager of the premier financial and business portal FIN24, “Media meshing isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s only recently been named. FIN24 is an excellent example of how to extend the ways in which users can access content for an indelible experience that builds brand loyalty. Through our partnerships with FINWEEK magazine and DSTV, FIN24 is today a truly multimedia offering designed to provide a deeper level of interaction with the end-user.”

News24 and FIN24 usage statistics on DSTV will only be available in March 2006.

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