Monday, January 15, 2007

The iPhone isn't all 'dat

Nokia are not getting worried. That is the news from people in the know. In fact, I think that Nokia are laughing so loud now, the little blonde-haired PR girls aren't sure what is going on.

I put up the post on the new iPhone, mainly to get hits to the site. OK, I admitted it. Most bloggers have done the same thing. Even sites that normally show naked women and silly videos from the great WWW put up pictures and stories about the iPhone. Also, please not how many times I am typing iPhone so that Google knows I am talking about the iPhone.

But it seems that the iPhone is a joke. I would have told you that. The iPhone can do what my year-old phone can do. WOW!!! It has music. WOW, it has video. I am not impressed. The new Nokias have those and more. In fact, go back in the site, or click here if you are too lazy, and you will see that back in September last year, the N95 could do all of the cool things the iPhone pretends to do.

The only difference is that it's not an Apple. Will that be the selling point that Mr Jobs uses?

Even have a great piece that shows just how the iPhone sucks.

First, Apple is late to this party.

Next, the mobile-phone industry depends on cooperation with the big networks.

Lastly, the iPhone is a defensive product.

So there!!!! Don't say I didn't tell you so.

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