Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vodacom announces lower roaming rates with Vodafone Passport

Vodacom today announced the arrival of Vodafone Passport – the new, innovative and predictable roaming option which allows Vodacom Contract customers to take their home tariff with them, when making or receiving calls while travelling overseas.

Vodacom opens up a world of affordable voice communication to business and leisure travellers by providing its customers with access to 16 Vodafone participating networks in 16 countries. Once Vodafone Passport has been activated, customers travelling overseas will be charged only a once-off connection fee when receiving a call. The once-off connection fee plus their home tariff call rate will apply when making calls to South Africa and within the visited country. Calls made to other countries will be charged at the once-off connection fee plus their home tariff international call rate.

Chris Ross, Managing Executive: Products & Services, Vodacom South Africa, explains the key benefits and convenience of Vodafone Passport: “While international call rates can sometimes be high and unpredictable, Vodafone Passport enables users to exercise personal or business budget control, without being inhibited from making and receiving calls internationally.

“One of the clear benefits to business travelers is the affordability and transparency of the call charges when using Vodafone Passport. Customers are able to estimate call charges more closely, manage expenses and carry on with business as usual, making it an essential business tool for remaining productive and accessible, as well as keeping in touch with colleagues and customers,” says Ross.

“For leisure travellers Vodafone Passport is an affordable and convenient way of staying in touch with family and friends and sharing experiences while holidaying – with no sudden surprises of high cellphone bills at the end of their holiday, as customers are familiar with their local call rates and can easily calculate what each call will cost.

“Through its alliance with Vodafone, Vodacom opens the door to the biggest mobile community in the world, and Contract customers travelling abroad can now experience the benefit of affordable, hassle free communication without borders”, he concludes.

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