Monday, October 23, 2006

From BoingBoing: A free memoir by a London ambulance driver

London ambulance memoir under CC license

By (Cory Doctorow)

Cory Doctorow:  Tom sez, "I've just released my new book under a CC license, this is the first book by a UK author and a major European publisher to be released in this fashion (as far as we know). It is simultaneous with the book being sold in major bookstores." The book is Blood, Sweat and Tea: real-life stories from the London Ambulance Service, based on Tom's blog about his experiences as a London ambulance tech. Link (Thanks, Tom!)

Update: Charlie Stross points out:

Actually, the first that I know of in the UK was Net.wars by Wendy Grossman -- admittedly published by NYU Press, but she's based in London and it went out online in, um, 98 or 99 or thereabouts.

And ACCELERANDO was released under CC with the kind permission of Orbit back in 2005.

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