Wednesday, October 18, 2006

HP Ad's and Reality

I was listening to 702 the other morning and heard a great advert for an HP printer. I forget the exact model number and make, but what I do remember is that the special is only on for a few days. Buy your printer NOW or you will miss out on this deal of the century. Not thier words.

I HAVE to let you know that HP are releasing 30 new products on Thursday evening. I think that the special for the printer is ending on Sunday. Strangley, two days after the release of 30 new HP products and 1 day before these 30 products make it onto the shelves of your local HP store.

I am not having a full go at HP here, dispite the way it looks, but I am sending you a little warning when it comes to buying new IT stuff. ALWAYS be careful. It's not what you see.

No Xbox live, is a simple example.

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