Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vodacom launches Dell notebook with embedded 3G HSDPA card giving you the freedom to connect anywhere

Vodacom and Dell have launched the first laptop with an embedded 3G HSDPA card, to the South African market.

Customers can purchase a Dell Latitude D620 notebook with built-in 3G HSPDA data card linked to Vodacom’s 3G HSDPA network. Customers simply need a Vodacom SIM card and a data contract subscription in order to access the Internet or their company network at super fast access speeds.

“In partnering with Dell, Vodacom is the first operator in South Africa to launch this new mobile connectivity solution which provides our customers with even more flexibility and accessibility to information, while at the same time increasing productivity on the move ”, says Shameel Joosub, Managing Director of Vodacom South Africa.

“To get connected, a customer will not require a separate 3G HSDPA card or software disk. The solution is compact and easy to use. Pairing the card with the extended battery life of the notebook means Vodacom customers have the freedom to work from anytime, anywhere,” he adds.

Dell™ is the first major personal computer supplier to announce multiple wireless carrier partnerships in multiple regions, including agreements with Vodafone™ initially in France, Germany and the UK - and now also with Vodacom in South Africa.

“This laptop is designed for users who seek performance, mobility and convenience. Combined with an embedded 3G HSDPA card, it is truly a multi-functional computer that does away with the inconvenience of separate external devices - answering every expectation of technological advancement. Customers also get a 3 Year International Next Business Day Warranty – combined with onsite support”, says Stewart van Graan, Managing Director of Dell South Africa.

The Dell Latitude D620 redefines the mainstream corporate notebook with an innovative new wide-screen design, improved reliability, smart security and extended wireless options. It is great for users requiring performance, mobility and convenience in the workplace. The embedded 3G HSDPA solution is compact and neat - no more PCMCIA cards, wires or antennas.
With its build-to-order capability, Dell aims to expand customers' wireless connectivity options by delivering built-in access to Vodacom’s high-speed mobile data network. This new service will mean users will have readily available access to email, Internet and servers through the Vodacom mobile broadband data network.

The ease of use is apparent, as with this new technology Vodacom and Dell are enabling corporate companies, small businesses and home office users to be more productive through connectivity which is not only fast, but also extremely suitable to the needs of mobile workers.
"This is another important step in providing world-class mobile broadband technology to Dell customers," said Van Graan. "Dell's collaboration with Vodacom demonstrates Dell's on-going strategy to deliver innovative technology solutions to market to meet customers' requirements.

With Dell and Vodacom working together in South Africa, customers can benefit from built-in, easy-to-use technology which provides access to the 3G wireless network deployed worldwide."
With this solution customers are connected beyond traditional hotspots. Customers can expect to experience genuine mobile productivity with the Dell Latitude D620 notebook.

Thanks to the built-in 3G HSDPA from Vodacom customers can download complex files and large email attachments at speeds up to 4 times faster than existing 3G solutions and connect to their company network with a secure VPN solution. Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology ensures that customers get the best possible mobile performance while using less battery power than previous-generation technologies.

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