Saturday, September 23, 2006

My 1st XBox 360 Experience

I was given a demo model XBox 360 yesterday morning. As any avid gaming fan, I ran upstairs, plugged it in and was keen to play a game. I want to run through some of the negative things I have experienced in the 1st couple of days first, then I will try and find some positives....

  1. The power plug was a European version. (Maybe that was because it was a demo) There is nothing worse than wanting to play your game and you have to run around finding the right addaptor.
  2. The optical digital audio out was hidden away wth any mention of it in the manual. I needed to mail a friend of mine in the UK to find out if the Xbox even had a digital audio out for all of this amazing sound that it was advertising. After finding the plug, it was great.
  3. The power transformer is HUGE!!! It is almost as big as a toaster. Not a good idea if you are trying one of these modern, minimilist lounges or game rooms.
  4. One of the big draw cards for the Xbox is the Xbox Live. A place where you can go online and chat, play and interact with other players around the world. Again, maybe because I have a demo, there is no South African option. This means that the postal code I enter when I register isn't accepted and the whole thing falls apart. Will we get Xbox Live in South Africa when the console launches next week?
  5. One of the demo games just doesn't work. There is a warning that it only works in PAL 60 areas. It starts up fine but you can't get the game started.
  1. Graphics and interaction is fantastic.
  2. The wireless controller is the BEST!!!!
  3. Audio, once you find the plug, is extreme. Forget the fake surround from PS2, this is real Dolby Digital Surround.
  4. I have one driving game and the one thing that I love is the crowd around the track. Normally, these are just static figures with a camera flash or two. In Gothom, they interact with the car. Crash into the barriers and they move away, then start taking pictures.

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