Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The New Nokia N Series

Nokia have just released thier new "Mulitmedia Personal Computers". At an international function in Cape Town this afternoon, Nokia have released thier new N95. You can see pictures of the new devices here...

What is new? Wi-Fi is old hat but it's the added features that make this device more than just a phone. During the launch and presentation, the word "phone" wasn't used once. They are now officially a Multimedia Computer. Seems so simple but why has it taken so long?

Nokia have a new music system that allows us to access music, with David Bowie's help. He will be releasing a podcast every week telling us what is hot and what isn't AND we will be able to download these new tracks. At a price, I am sure, but it seems like a good idea.

I have been promised that all of the services on the new N95 will be available in South Africa. I highly doubt it but I have been wrong in the past and I hope that I am this time.

Sharing pictures, news and information is going to be much easier as is surfing the web on your phone using HSDPA, WiFi or even GPRS if you are so backward. Nokia have created a new browser, which they say, is as good as any browser you may use every day. They have even solved the problem of viewing a large website on a small screen.

Price starts in the 200 Euro range, so it's not cheap, but if is does what they say it can, they buy one now!!!

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