Saturday, November 26, 2005

World Championship Rally Evolved

The box says, "Heart racing, adrenalin pumping, action packed and better than ever, WRC: Rally Evolution delivers a thrilling rally experience at every corner with new multi-car racing, stunning new deformable environments, improved co-driver directions and more cars to drive from rallying past, present and future."

Quite a promise?

The 1st rally game I played was one of the latest Colin Macray rallies. I then made a point of getting hold of WRC4. Colin Macray was fun but WRC4 was nearly impossible. Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, but there wasn't much chance of me EVER winning a stage, let alone a whole rally.

It was fun as I said. The graphics were excellent with a variety of stages, tracks and situations to keep me intrigued.

The new Rally Evolved doesn't add much more to the game. If you bought WRC4, don't bother to buy this new one. In fact, short of completely writing off the game, I don't see a difference except that now you can win a stage but now winning is too easy. There are 3 ways to make driving easier and as you improve, you can slowly take away the help.

Sound in the new game is poor. The cars sort of drone instead of roar. (When will a game in true surround come out?) Graphics are slightly improved but still nothing like GT4.

Short answer, save your cash and buy F1 2005.

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