Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scooby Doo

My 4 year old loves Scooby-Doo. I don't get it but who am I to question a 4 year old? One of his favourite things to do is to watch those old 70's cartoons of Shaggy, Wilma and Scooby being chased around by a ghoul or ghost or werewolf, only to find that it wasn't real but some guy or girl dressed up in drag.

Things have moved on since those cartoons with a Scooby baby coming in, having younger children instead of the original teenagers and then there were those bad, live-action movies.

"Unmasked" is a wrap of all of these previous editions of Scooby. Gameplay is really 2 dimensional but there are times when the dog has to look around, but not all that much. Control is simple with two action commands and lots of jumping around. The route, when it is required, is set out by dog biscuits, so it's easy to know where you are going.

Scooby hardly ever really dies, so restarting is great for little 4 year olds. Levels can be saved often which is also good, but if your child is anything like mine, then that doesn't really matter as mine likes to start the game from the beginning every time.

Graphics are great. Not realistic but great is a cartoon way. Scooby's voice is not brilliant but Shaggy sounds good, as do the other characters. The environments are fun and every level adds a new challenge in the gameplay that keeps it interesting.

As I was helping my kid through the game, I got quite involved in the gameplay, not really the story, as that is the same as those old 70's cartoons, but the play is fun and interesting.

This is not a teenager's game, if someone in your household enjoys Scooby, get it, otherwise, spend your hard-earned money on something else.

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