Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Disc Steno CD311

For users who need to store data on the move, digital lifestyle specialist, Pinnacle Micro, has announced the local availability of the Disc Steno CD311 from Apacer.

According to Rudi Thietz, brand manager at Pinnacle Micro, the Share Steno CD311 is especially designed to copy image files from a digital camera without connecting to a PC. "At just 220g, the Share Steno CD311 is extremely lightweight even when connected to a hard disk and extremely easy to carry, even outdoors," he says.

The Share Steno series is specially designed for travellers and professional photographers as it allows users to access every precious moment captured by a digital camera anywhere, anytime. The CD311 is the ideal solution for any digital storage requirement for outdoor recreation and aims to let everyone easily enjoy the modern digital life.

Without connecting to a PC, the USB 2.0 OTG interface allows the CD311 to directly copy image files from a digital camera. "Furthermore, users can also copy or delete selected files, create new folders and perform other file management tasks, thanks to the golden-backlit LCD panel that allows users to monitor the number and size of files," says Thietz.

The Share Steno CD311 is equipped with password and hidden-file protection to ensure absolute data safety. Users can set a password to control data access authority and thus prevent disclosure of important personal data. The easy-to-operate file attribute set-up allows users to set personal files to "hidden" to protect personal data when sharing images.

"The Share Steno CD311 requires no external power supply, making it ideal for outdoor recreations," Thietz says. "The supplied Li-ion battery gives at least one hour of continuous use after it is fully charged."

As a genuine 'photo mate' for digital cameras, the CD311 uses a standard 2.5" hard drive and the 40GB unit allows users to store more than 40 000 photos each at a resolution of three mega pixels.

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