Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Example of us being fleased

So, you ran out and bought your R4000 Xbox 360 when it was released. You plugged it in and ran the newsest Xbox 360 game and you were impressed. You read in the manual about the great option of running games in High Definition and you wondered what that was. We here in South Africa haven't even heard about HD, let alone see a real HD screen.

Then you read about the Xbox Live option. Yay, you thought. I will be able to play games against real people all over the world. in fact, the game you bought has a multiplayer option. It costs extra because of it. You KNOW that the game would cost less without the multiplayer option, it makes sense, less code, cheaper game.

But NOOOOOOO. We low lifes here in South Africa are not good enough for the XBox Live option. According to Microsoft, out broadband isn't broad enough. Yet we pay the same price as these people in the US and A who can now download movies and TV programmes to the VERY SAME Xbox 360 that you bought. Doesn't that make you a little angry?

If I had spent R4000 on an XBox 360, I sure would be!!!

But maybe it's a good thing, read this story from The Enquirer about how the downloading of programmes and movies just doesn't work!

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