Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DCC announces Huawei’s Wingle - extending 3G coverage to additional users

With the mobile workforce on the rise and individuals always requiring Internet connectivity, access is an essential in everyday life. The Huawei Wingle, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), addresses this requirement with a convenient 3G USB connectivity device that allows up to 10 additional users to make use of the 3G connection via WiFi.

“Everyone requires a combination of connectivity, mobility and Internet sharing.  However, many devices such as USB dongles on the market today only offer connectivity for a single user. The Huawei Wingle allows users to easily share 3G Internet connectivity using only one USB connectivity device, making this ideal for people without ADSL or with budget constraints,” says Raul Del Fabbro, Enterprise Solutions Manager at DCC.

Catering for small businesses and even households that require shared Internet connectivity, the Huawei Wingle supports full 3G / HSDPA with transfer rates of up to 21 Megabytes per second (MB/s) for downlinks and uplink speeds of up to 5.76 MB/s. This ensures that users are able to work on the move without compromising fast connectivity speeds.

The Huawei Wingle is simple to use and requires one user to insert the USB device into their laptop or PC. This connection is then shared with up to 10 users – wirelessly.  This is ideal for small businesses with two to ten personnel or families that don’t have ADSL. The Huawei Wingle allows these users to share connectivity easily and cost effectively without having to purchase additional USB dongles for each person.

The Huawei Wingle is automatically charged when plugged into a laptop or PC and can also be charged with the provided power adapter or by making us of a USB car charging kit. This allows users to plug the Huawei Wingle into a charging kit and make use of the 3G connectivity while sitting in a car. Supporting Windows, MAC and Linux Operating Systems (OS), the Wingle can be used on a variety of PCs and notebooks.

“The combination of a 3G USB that allows users to connect through WiFi is the ideal solution for shared connectivity across multiple devices,” concludes Del Fabbro.

The Huawei Wingle (Model Number: E8231) is available from DCC and selected retail outlets immediately for a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of R900.00 inclusive of VAT.

For more information, visit www.drivecon.net

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