Friday, July 11, 2008

MultiChoice enhances its Dual View offering

MultiChoice announced today the introduction of an enhanced version of Dual View, which is called XtraView.

This next generation solution provides a more cost effective and flexible viewing option in the home. XtraView is delivered through linking two decoders and allows the subscriber to add and link a decoder to another one as and when is required. The only cost to the subscriber’s monthly subscription is an access fee of R55.00, which is the current amount payable on the Dual View offering.

This new solution has improved benefits, which include the ability to add new features quicker, an improved sound and video quality on the second viewing environment, as well as full Interactive services in both viewing environments.

MultiChoice Chief Technology Officer: Gerdus van Eeden says, “Maintaining our technology leadership status enables us to keep abreast of technology developments. Our customers want flexibility and choice. The XtraView Solution provides this to MultiChoice’s diverse customer base.”

The implementation of this solution will initially be on the 1110 decoder models and will be available in early August. A subscriber will be able to add this decoder to another 1110 model to create a second viewing environment. The 1110 decoder is currently retailing at R399.00. This means customers will be able to experience an additional viewing environement at half the price normally paid for a Dual View decoder.

The XtraView Solution will be enabled in most of MultiChoice’s future decoders. However, the pairing options of various decoders will be announced in the near future.

The XtraView Solution is available on the Premium, Compact, Indian and Portuguese bouquets.

The battle for the remote will be replaced by the battle of which great channel to watch!

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