Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nokia N81

YAY!!! Nokia have brought out a new phone! Who would have thought?
Not just any phone though, a Multimedia device that lets you "live in the internet". Nokia have also launched OVI, meaning "door" in Finnish. Nokia are hoping that we will open the door for them and create a whole new internet world.
We will be able to buy "all the music in all the world", they say. I cannot wait to see what the South African music industry will have to say to that.

Games are on the way too. Costing between 6 and 10 Euros, which in my book is not cheap, but who am I to judge this one, kids of today are the gamers and daddy has more money thatn you and I will ever have.

On the right of this post is the new Nokia N81. VERY PRETTY, all say ooooohhhh.
8GB of onboard memory, new graphic interface and touchy feely buttons. Nokia are promising touch screen soon, do we really need that?
All will be revealed from October!

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