Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Electronic Arts announced today the launch of EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3. The critically acclaimed boxing game franchise will become available for download from April 2007 allowing mobile fans to be able to build and customize their boxer’s look and fighting style and fight their way from no name contender to champion of the world.

EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 is an action-packed mobile game for diehard and casual boxing fans alike and is the closest thing to being in the ring without actually getting punched! Featuring ten of the most famous and notorious boxers of all time, gamers can take on the ring style of champions from Ricky Hatton to Oscar de la Hoya whilst enjoying breathtaking graphics, up to five different fighting venues, and an opportunity to create and design their own boxer to use in the ring.

From the pre-fight press conference and weigh-in to fitness and skills training, EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 ensures no boxing fan is ever left outside the ring. The gameplay has been especially adapted for mobile and features a high-risk, high-reward punch system where gamers will put down their opponent or go down for the count. Jabs, hooks, haymakers, special moves, combos, counters and knock downs add to the fierce action. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 is quite simply the most realistic and graphically impressive boxing game available on mobile.

“The Fight Night franchise has been hugely successful for EA SPORTS™ and we’re delighted to be able to bring the passion and drama to mobile gamers across Europe – we’re certain it will be a knock-out!” said Javier Ferreira, VP European Publishing, EA Mobile.

To learn more on EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 please go to www.eamobile.com

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